Welcome to Reading SFF (in Order)Welcome to Reading SFF, a blog about reading science-fiction and fantasy books (and comic books), because there is nothing like traveling in the future and going to other lands with the help of words.

I was inspired to make this website following my activities on howtoread.me. I created (and still create) several reading orders and wanted to put my spin on it. Also, I never really built a website and decided it was a good opportunity to discover how to do it.

So I jump on my rocket ship with the mission to explore fantasy lands and futuristic places, to help give the best reading experience. It’s sometimes as simple as reading one book after the other, in the publication order. And sometimes, it’s a little bit more complicated. It’s a way to reference all those books, stories, adventures and also going beyond those stories with their adaptations.

This is the first step in this new adventure as, if Reading SFF takes off, I hope to write complementary articles about SFF writers and classic books and more!

Supported by research on the web, we will do our best to make the content the most precise, but I am human and can make mistakes. Don’t hesitate to tell.

Weirdly enough, I made the decision to not create social media accounts for the website. I know, I know, it’s bad, not quite futurist (and maybe stupid) but I don’t have really the time to take care of it for the moment. But don’t hesitate to share articles on your Facebook page, twitter account or on your blog! It will be greatly appreciated!

If you need to get in touch with a question, flag a typo (again, I’m human, and English is not my first language), or send a kind word, you can email me.

Good reading!